Crater Lake Session
On the way to hood Meg and I stopped at Crater Lake and
made a little jump through a tree.
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Hood montage
Finally went through the little bits of videoing I did this summer
and pulled out these shots. Ahh, summer pipe...
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Timberline closing day
Had a sick little session at the edge of the blueroom.  Pics coming soon
Roadtrip OR to CO
Can you say profiled? i'm talkin idaho PD.  more like DBs.
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New Cribz
Swooped a 14' tramp off craigslist for only $50!!! already
learned so much and regret not learning all this stuff when i was
a little kid
Meg and I posted up in Winterpark for a
minute.  great place to start secret training...
i meam.. unsecret training ;)
Simply put, this was the best summer of my life! Amazing shred and even
better people! thanks Mt Hood!  Complete driving to hood timelapse
coming soon!
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Roadtrip: CO to OR
AM Throwdown
Rider/Filmer teams battle for 1 week to make best vid.  I was paired up
with Paul Heran and we went to work!
here for our winning vid
an insane new approach to snowboarding. pics, vids, +
schedule coming soon.... Trampoline, dryland jibbing, running,
swimming, cycling, lifting, gymnastics + more!!
Woodward News!!
Had a super rad day at Woodward! i havent been in
since last winter and was amped to jump on the super
springy tramps and the snowflex jump to foam pit!!   
Thanks Phoebe and Rick; you guys rule!!!
Day-1 : jam-closeout sale
Oct 7 it's on. Ski-Cooper jam to closeout with Meg Pugh and
Cody Booth.
Click here for more photos!
Day-2: First backyard session with Meg Pugh was sick! We got
~6" and turned a boring, safe, little down rail into a mean looking
mini-closeout.  Click
here for more...
Day-2 : mini-closeout + box
Last day of backyard riding from this early
season storm.  Never-the-less Nic Nagel and
Meg Pugh joined me for a rad little session.  
Happy Friends Day! Click
here for more...
Day-3 : fdf box
First day up on the pass this season was super rad with nic nagel,
Mikey Lucido,
Meg Pugh, and Leslie Glenn.  Flat rail, spool Jib, log jam
and even a little pow! Click
here for more + mini vid comin soon!
Berthoud Pass Pow
Woodward rail vid
Another sick day at Woodward!  Cant wait for
trick's for treats Oct 31
here for video    
Earlybird Railjam
First railjam of the season in Lakewood, CO.  
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Backyard quickie
Got a quick session in the backyard
LOVIN the GNU Park Pickle
Practice rail
Little session on the local MeadowRidge rail
Video by Nic Nagel, Mikey Lucido, and Oliver
Checkout the video section or
click here
Backyard fun
New features behind the house with Taylor
Brant and Nic Nagel. Tire, bikerack to
downrail, log to spool. Photos
Woodward's Tricks-for-Treats
Halloween railjam at Woodward.  Corporal Kelsic enlisted
for the Shred Nation.  Maybe the battle was lost (2nd
place), but the war against snowflex burn was a victory
Berthoud tree
Sessioned an up tree with Mikey Lucido and Nic Nagel, more
action comming soon; click
here for now
Dec week 1 - backyard
Despite the lack of snow, the backyard is
at an all time best!  Check a few features
this video
Winter Park Wednesdays
Superrad day at Winter Park in rerailer and
ashcat.  Look for a Winter Park edit coming soon!
fs rodeo image
Winter Park Wednesdays
Superrad day at Winter Park in rerailer and
ashcat.  Look for a Winter Park edit coming soon!
fs rodeo image
Echo Mtn railjam
So Gnar's Shred Circuit at Echo
Mountain was a
fun filled night of shredding with
Winterpark bros.  Click
here for photos
Back at it - Urban
My first urban jibbing in over 3 years! Feels so
good to be back! Check the spots
Hot Sulpher Springs railjam
New Years Eve was happenin in Hot Sulpher
Springs in a jam for the towns 100th
media coming soon
Nike Chosen - NowSnowboarding
Mark Kelsic, Ricky Bates, Ian Smith, and Mark
Hoyt team up for the Nike Chosen Online video
contest.  Click
here for more.  HELP!
Dumpster Ridin
Evening dumpster session with the Now
Snowboarding crew, videoing for the Nike
Chosen contest